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New Collection: 7-Inch Universal Car Radio with Private Designs

May. 02, 2023

To meet the demands of global high-end customers, DINPEI Electronics (HK) Limited has spent around a year designing, developing, and mass-producing 5 models of universal 7-inch double din with private design by our professional engineering team, finally, here we are pleased to announce that we are going to launch these models. Each designed model comes with two options for customers to choose from: Octa-Core Android System or Linux System.

We are open for distributors/dealers to represent our global brand "One Car Stereo", or to private label your own brand logo and packaging.

New Collection: 7-Inch Universal Car Radio with Private Designs

The first designed model, DP8060 is mainly for those markets (European and American) that need to be compatible with dash kits with a double din opening and installation of dash kits brands (Metra/Scosche/PAC/Connect2). It adopts a custom narrow-edge 97mm wide 7-Inch IPS display screen, which not only has a larger screen display area than the name brands' 6.75-Inch screens but also has the front panel size precisely measured to 170mm*97mm to reach the size requirements of the EU/US market.

In terms of the design concept, the engineers have designed the physic buttons at the lower edge of the panel, which can meet the needs of both left-hand drive and right-hand drive markets, Moreover, the addition of silver decorations makes the radio more textured.

In terms of functions, the head unit not only retains the conventional USB, AUX, and SD card designs but also adds a Type-C fast charging function to better meet the market demands of end-users.

In addition, we have specially designed composite keys. for example, the Home button is compatible with the voice control function, the short press returns to the menu interface, and the long press has two situations: If CarPlay/Android Auto is not connected, the long press will enter the pre-connect interface of Z-link; If the phone is already connected to CarPlay/Android Auto, long press will wake up Siri or Google voice function.

New Collection: 7-Inch Universal Car Radio with Private Designs

The second designed product belongs to one series and is divided into four models, DP8010, DP8011, DP8012, and DP8013, with the main difference being the different functions of the four touch keys on the left side of the screen. This series of products also adopts a 97mm wide 7-inch IPS display screen, and the front panel size is a standard 178 mm*100 mm.

In terms of appearance design, the four edges of the front panel adopt a completely flat and planar design. Besides the Type-C fast charging function designed the same as DP8060, we also have a 2.5D encapsulated cover with a UV process specifically designed for AUX and USB ports. This design helps avoid exposed ports that can accumulate dust and are unsightly.

New Collection: 7-Inch Universal Car Radio with Private Designs

Regarding the software solution for the above new products, we offer the Realtek Octa-Core solution, including two options of 2+32GB and 4+46GB; and we use the top-notch NXP-6686 radio chip from the Dutch company NXP, which has excellent anti-interference performance, allowing consumers to enjoy clear radio reception not only on the highway but also in crowded city roads. In addition to using the high-power TDA-7851 amplifier chip, we also add a built-in DSP function, using the independent DSP chip BU32107 from Japan’s ROHM to provide a professional-level music experience.

New Collection: 7-Inch Universal Car Radio with Private Designs

Besides the high performance of the Android system solution, we do also offer a high-cost-effective and stable Linux solution, the main chip adopts Sunplus-8368 chip of automotive-grade, which supports wired & wireless CarPlay, wired & wireless Android Auto;

To meet the needs of different customers in the market, we provide OEM customers with two options of cost-effective SI-4745 and high-performance TDA-7786 for the radio chip, the amplifier still adopts the high-power chip TDA7851.

New Collection: 7-Inch Universal Car Radio with Private Designs

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