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The Growth History of the Car Central Display

Sep. 07, 2022

When it comes to the history of the development of automotive center display, it is the process of becoming bigger from small to big.


In the 1980s, the computer information revolution emerged, monochrome displays began to appear on vehicles, which can display basic navigation information; in the mid to late 1990s, liquid crystal display technology emerged, so that the car has the function of playing VCD movies; and with the development of technology, touch semi-physical buttons of the central control screen was born; and then, it is the emergence of the Tesla, with a simple large screen has been recognized by users .


With the growing camp of large screens, car companies began to "roll" on the screen, the previous distinctive interior, also like the assembly line out, the only difference is probably the size of the screen and how much. Of course, there are some car companies in the hardware and software research and development efforts, that optimization of the car screen, is the right solution.


Apple CarPlay Linux 6.75 Universal Car Stereo DP9001

Apple CarPlay Linux 6.75" Universal Car Stereo DP9001


And looking at the new energy market today, there are basically three types of products, one is Tesla, a foreign-owned brand that entered the new energy market earlier, one is BYD, a traditional car company that focuses on the new energy market, and another is a small Liwei, a new power brand that makes cars.


So, how do these three do the trade-off between the screen and the physical buttons? We might as well compare a wave.


In these three brands, there are extremely popular models, Tesla Model 3, BYD Han EV, and Xiaopeng P5.


Let's start with Tesla, sitting in the cockpit of the Tesla Model 3, at first may not be accustomed to, because there is no instrument panel, but will be integrated into the right side of the large central control screen, occupying the left side of the 15-inch central control screen about 2 / 5 position. About this, one way of putting it is to pursue a minimalist design and reduce as much as possible all the configurations not needed in the car, and another way of putting it is to further control costs.


In terms of car-machine interaction, Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly mature, the center control interface is as simple and generous as iOS, and, also around the media, navigation, control system, temperature system and a lot of functional development, such as air conditioning temperature adjustment, click the air conditioning button directly into the air conditioning settings interface, you can drag to adjust the air conditioning wind direction at will, hoping to bring users a simpler operating experience.


However, according to the feedback of old Tesla Model 3 owners, there is still a lagging problem in the car, especially when entering games, or watching videos, which affects the experience.


If you are not satisfied with the current in-car system, but do not want to replace the existing display, this still has a solution.


Wireless CarPlay AI Box Lite with CarPlay and Android Auto Adaptor Support YouTube and Netflix

Wireless CarPlay AI Box Lite with CarPlay and Android Auto Adaptor Support YouTube and Netflix


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