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What Are the Functions Provided by Carplay?

Aug. 10, 2022

The CarPlay interface is designed to allow anyone who has used iOS on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to be familiar with immediately. The iPhone is connected to Carplay through Lightning cables to display an iOS -style interface on the car display.


Apple Carplay application

Applications can be accessed by touch screens, Siri or through various car controls that may be located in the steering wheel or other positions, depending on car manufacturers.

Although the application can be started based on touch-based controls, the operations such as sending text messages, calling or changing music tracks are mainly performed through Siri.

map Supported by the Apple Maps application on the iPhone, the map

In Carplay allows users to get detailed turning routes to help them navigate. The CarPlay interface clearly displays the route, driving instructions, traffic conditions, and visual prompts that are about to turn.



 Using telephone applications, Siri can make calls, reply to the phone, and listen to voice emails. There is also a keyboard on the CarPlay Phone application, so you can enter numbers on the touch screen, but in most cases, you can initiate a call by calling Siri to dial the existing contacts.



Like the phone, sending information depends on Siri. Speaking the message to the voice assistant, Siri confirms the content of the message before sending to ensure accuracy. When receiving a reply, Siri will ask users if they want to read it aloud, and then provide the option to send another text message. The entire interaction is based on voice to prevent users from watching their iPhone when driving.



Audio read applications are part of the iBooks application, allowing users to listen to audiobooks in the vehicles.


Apple Music

CarPlay Music applications allow customers to access content downloaded from iTunes, Apple Music streaming services and free Beats 1 radio. Like other CarPlay applications, the interface of the music application can be identified immediately, and you can access artists, songs and playlists.



Using podcast applications, CarPlay users can listen to the podcasts they download. The CarPlay interface is similar to the interface on the iOS device, and people who often use the PODCASTS application should be familiar with it immediately.


Third -party CarPlay application

 Apple also allows third-party developers to create special applications for CarPlay. The available application is mainly audio, mainly non -visual to avoid being introduced into a car, and the content is played through the car speaker of the car. If the application is installed on the iPhone, third -party applications will only be displayed on the Carplay display. Due to the limits of audio, the number of applications compatible with CarPlay is limited, but many podcasts, maps and music applications are compatible with CarPlay.


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