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UAZ Project in Russia

Aug. 17, 2021

This is a 7-inch Android car stereo with a display, installed on an SUV car of the Russian UAZ. This unit was originally a Wince solution, due to the improvement of the car factory's functional requirements, it was changed to an Android system later.


We chose the Allwinner T3 main control chip, the system uses the stable Android 7.1 version, the display is Hanstar 600 brightness and a customized UI interface.


In terms of software, the dual-function navigation module and gyroscope function of GLONASS and GPS are used to ensure the stability of navigation search. In addition, the software of this machine has developed many communication protocols of the original car.


In terms of hardware, due to the complexity of the Android system, the mainboard space is not allowed to be too large, so we have done a lot of EMC-related design work to prevent signal interference, and also passed the vibration test and environmental test.

Lada Project in Russia

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