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Corolla Project in Egypt

Aug. 17, 2021

This is a double-DIN CD player. It is a cooperation project between us and the Egyptian Toyota car factory. In addition to the CD player, there is also a car MP3 player with a similar appearance. This project has been in production for 5 years, and each order totals at least 5000PCS.


Egyptian customers are relatively price-sensitive and have certain requirements for product quality. We need to evaluate and select appropriate raw materials and design solutions to improve cost performance. The most important part of this CD unit is the CD movement. In addition, the buttons are relatively large, if the mold design and development are not precise enough, the produced plastic buttons are likely to jam and not rebound, which requires a higher level of design for structural engineers. In addition, avoiding falling off the rubber cover of AUX and USB, as well as the zero-defect of the electroplated parts, are the test parts of the product design level.

Corolla Project in Egypt

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