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ID Designer---Your Unique Car Audio Manufacturer

Aug. 19, 2021

ID Designer---Your Unique Car Audio Manufacturer

Every car audio project requires industrial designers to use "CoreIDRAW ", Adobe Photoshop, and "Adobe IIIustrator" to design product effects that meet customer requirements.


For example, the customer of a car factory needs to cooperate with a car audio manufacturer and supplier before the production of new cars. They want us to design car stereo for the original car, the project manager of the car factory will only tell us that what they needs is a CD Receiver, DVD Player or an Android Car Stereo. The rest of the appearance, display size and other design ideas and effects all need the ID engineer of the car audio manufacturer to completed it.


Normally, there will be different project companies competing in the car audio project of the same car factory. The effect level of the ID design drawing plays a key role in the initial stage of the project competition, so choose an experienced and capable car audio manufacturer and supplier can help the car audio project to be carried out more effectively.


Please Contact Us! Our ID engineers have professional car audio project experience and successful car factory project cases for your reference.

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