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UI Designer---Car Stereo Distributors Brand Image

Aug. 19, 2021

UI Designer---Car Stereo Distributors Brand Image

With the renewal of car audio products, more and more car stereos now have displays of different sizes. Whether it is a 6.5-inch universal car stereo receiver or an 8-inch and other larger factory car stereo, a set of user interaction interfaces that are convenient to operate is required. This interface is the UI.


If you are a car stereo distributor and don’t want your brand to lose competitiveness by having the same UI interface as others, then you should find a factory with UI design capabilities to design a unique operation for your brand Interface and not sold to other customers.


Our industrial design engineers can design an exclusive brand UI for your car stereo, or an operator interface that conforms to the style of the Before-Market car factory stereos. Make your brand more in line with the aesthetics of the local market, allowing you to become a more competitive automotive supplier in your market.

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